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July, 2013:
Author interview on Discover/Military Channel's America: Fact vs. Fiction


February 18, 2012:

Halloween Nation Nominated for a Bram Stoker Award
"Superior Achievement in Non-Fiction"

April, 2011: NEW RELEASE: Halloween Nation

Author available for interview: lesley.bannatyne@gmail.com

NEW BOOK RELEASE: Halloween Nation. Behind the Scenes of America’s Fright Night by Lesley Bannatyne

“A sophisticated yet playful celebration of all things macabre, morbid and marvelous . . . Bannatyne makes a great case for celebrating Halloween everyday, all year long. . . . It’s an energetic, thorough and breathless salute to everyone’s favorite horror holiday.”
—Chris Alexander, editor-in-chief, Fangoria magazine

Halloween Nation is the first book to delve into the popular culture of 21st century Halloween through the eyes and words of its celebrants. An illustrated collection of interviews and essays, Halloween Nation looks at what makes Halloween one of America’s most popular contemporary holidays.

It took two years of investigative work for Halloween author Lesley Pratt Bannatyne to add a fifth book to her collection. Traveling across the country, she visited and talked with horror fanatics and fang makers, professional haunters, registered mediums, psychologists, and Halloween enthusiasts ranging from NPR’s Garrison Keillor to Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger and The Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horror” writer Mike Reiss, to find out what the increasingly popular holiday means to people and how they celebrate it.
“So much that’s been written about Halloween has been about the holiday’s history or about how to decorate, cook, and costume for it (guilty, all counts), but there’s not been much written about what it is today, who makes Halloween, and why,” writes Bannatyne in the book’s introduction.

Through the course of her research, Bannatyne hunted ghosts with paranormal investigators, participated in a Samhain ritual gathering, World Zombie Day march, the Village Halloween parade, and several off-season gatherings of Halloween fans such as the Haunted Attraction National Tradeshow and Convention (HAuNTcon). Diving right into the heart of how fear turned into a form of entertainment, she asks: What kind of community does twenty-first-century Halloween create? How does the 21st century relate to Halloween’s icons—ghosts, witches, jack-‘o-lanterns, monsters—and what is that makes Halloween so relevant for so many adults today?
Bannatyne is an author who writes on folklore and popular culture. She is also a freelance journalist, covering stories ranging from local druids to relief aid in Bolivia. One of the nation's foremost authorities on Halloween, Bannatyne has shared her knowledge on television specials for Nickelodeon and the History Channel ("The Haunted History of Halloween"), with Time Magazine, National Geographic, and Slate, and has given talks at venues as diverse as the 2000 Halloween Convergence in New Orleans and the St. Louis Art Museum. She contributed the Halloween article to World Book Encyclopedia. Recently, she, with many compatriots, held the Guinness World Record for "Largest Halloween Gathering," from October 2007-09.

Halloween Nation is available now through online bookstores or direct from the publisher.


History Channel: Haunted History of Halloween:
(check local listings; preview on youtube)
The Real Story of Halloween (2010)

National Geographic


Halloween: An American Holiday and, A Halloween How-To RELEASED in RUSSIAN translation
Azbooka Publishing, St. Petersburg, Russia

Guinness World Record set for LARGEST HALLOWEEN GATHERING 2007

CLICK photo for images of the Witches' Night book launch and
Guinness World Record Gathering of Halloween Witches (Reciting Poetry)
: 2007-2008

Selected Interviews


3/27/2012: Talking Halloween with All Hallows Radio
10/16/12:haunTopic Radio
10/21/12: Dead Air Paranormal Radio
10/30/12: Radio Europe (Spain)
10?31?12: NPR: Charlotte Talks
10/31/12: Kam and Sally Show (UK)


Haunted History of Halloween [classic version} on youtube HALLOWEEN CLASSICS CHANNEL
Hauntcast interview
October 11: 30 Odd Minutes with Jeff Belanger, 8:00 pm [television]
October 21: 12 noon EST Meisner Program on CFISFM (livesstremaing on OPinion250.com) [interview]
October 25: The Bobby D Show, 10 am EST [interview]
October 26: Geek Speak Radio Show: 3pm EST [interview]
October 31: 1:40pm Callie Crossley show, WGBH radio

The Real Story of Halloween: History Channel:
Thursday 10/27 8pm
Saturday 10/29 8pm
Monday 10/31 11pm

ScaryVisions.com: My Interview with the Halloween Goddess


History Channel: Haunted History of Halloween:
(check local listings; preview on youtube)
The Real Story of Halloween (2010)

Slate Magazine (2010)
BBC News (2010)
Wall Street Journal/Barron's (2010)
Toledo Blade (2010)

National Geographic


Interview, WKPBS, 2009

Blast Magazine (2009)
podcast of the Dean Blundell Show, Toronto 10/26/09
Paranormal Podcast (2009)

Boston Globe: Homeowners take haunting to new heights (2009)
AP: Iowa's early Halloween goers need jokes for treats (2009)
Denver Post: David Harsaani (2007)
Washington Post (2007)
Profile in Get Creative Magazine (2006)

Boston Phoenix, 2002
Time Magazine, 2001

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